Thursday, 29 December 2011


---- More Power. More Style. Space is a Bonus! ---- 
Proton's newest sibling to the Exora family. Bold also sums up the enhancements made like the powerful 1.6L CFE engine in Exora Premium or so called Prime, that gives the performance of a 2.0L engine. 

However, the Standard and Executive variants uses the CPS engine but completely like Bold that comes with a new stylish exterior, plus cool new features and gadgets. 

Exterior Styling - 1. 16" alloy rim projects a sportier look. 2. Curvier bumpers and skirting create a more commanding presence. 3. Restyled radiator grille for that 'fierce' look. 4. Rear smoked combi-lamps after sports cars.

Enhanced Performance - CFE (Charged Fuel Efficiency) Engine which boost by a more efficient 1.6L engine, giving the powerful performance comparable to 2.0L engine but with lower fuel consumption. The additional power only kicks in when it's needed like in overtaking or accelerating. In short, this engine give you more 'vroom' for every litre of petrol used.

Tentative Price -
1. Exora 1.6 Standard Manual - Solid RM62,148. Metallic RM62,598. (CPS engine).
2. Exora Bold 1.6 Executive Manual - Solid RM73,000. Metallic RM73,450. (CPS engine)
3. Exora Bold 1.6 Executive Auto - Solid RM76,948. Metallic RM77,398. (CPS engine).
4. Exora Bold 1.6 CVT - Solid RM81,948. Metallic RM82,398. (CFE engine).
5. Exora Prime 1.6 CVT - Metallic Only RM91,798. (CFE engine). 

Confirm Price will be announce soon! Confuse? 

For further details & booking please contact:-
wan sue @ 016 8366 223
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